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Purpose of the system
The system has been installed by the auction company with the primary purpose of prevention, investigation and detection of crime and monitoring of the security and safety of people and premises at the hall.

The CCTV system

The system comprises: Fixed position cameras; Pan Tilt Zoom cameras (PTZ); Monitors: Multiplexers; digital recorder; Public information signs.

Cameras will be located at strategic points. No camera will be hidden from view.

All cameras are monitored from main reception, although they may be monitored remotely by selected staff.

Signs will be placed at strategic points and at the entrance to the building to inform members of the public that a CCTV installation is in use.

The system does not guarantee that it will detect every incident taking place within the area of coverage.

The CCTV system will be in operation during the setting up of the auction and on auction day’s.

Digital recordings are made using digital video recorders operating in real time mode.
Images will normally be retained 90 day’s (3 monthly auction) from the date of recording, and then automatically over written.

Access to images
Requests for access to, or disclosure of (i.e. provision of a copy), images recorded on the CCTV systems from third parties (i.e. unauthorised persons) will only be granted if the requestor falls within the following categories:

  • Data Subjects (i.e. persons whose images have been recorded by the CCTV systems)
  • Law enforcement agencies (where images recorded would assist in a specific criminal enquiry)
  • Prosecution agencies
  • Relevant legal representatives of data subjects

Requests for access to images will be made using the ‘Application to access to CCTV images’ form (which is at Appendix 1), accompanied by a £10 fee (which is non-refundable if the request is declined).


Appendix 1 (access to images form)