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Saleable items:
If you are unsure if your item is saleable you can ring to check on 01256 841300 or 07801731068

Unsalable Items:
Large wall units
Gas-operated appliances and goods
Electrical items that need to be hard-wired (Needing a plug)
White goods (fridges, freezers etc.)
Cigarette tobacco

Entry Form:
To enter an item in to the auction you will need an entry form. To obtain please click on the link below.

1. Downloadable Entry Form To view the entry form, You need Adobe Reader. download a free copy from Adobe website
  Online Banking Form PDF

Please have a copy of your completed entry form when bringing your items to the hall.


Charges are to include a 18% Commission Fee, a £2 Catalogue Fee per lot entered, insurance cover is charged at 1% of the hammer price (if required). If a lot is withdrawn prior to the sale without giving at least 5 days notice the Auctioneer reserves the right to charge a minimum of at least 10% of the reserved price or our estimated value if no reserve has been given.

Reserve Price:
You can put a reserve price which is the lowest price you will accept for the item - as long as this is realistic.

When do I bring the items for sale?
All Furniture needs to be delivered to Heckfield Memorial Hall on the Tuesday of the Auction week from 10am - 5pm. All smaller items and outside effects can be delivered on the Wednesday from 10am - 2pm.

Unsold Lots:
Please collect unsold items by Saturday 4pm. Any goods not collected by 4pm on the Saturday auction day will be charged a storage charge of £2 per lot per day unless alternative arrangements have been made.

As from the 1st August 2010 no cheques will be written and an online banking system will be in operation.  All accounts will be paid into the nominated Bank Account as per table below.  Please make sure you keep your Bank Details up to date

Please fill in the form below. All information given will be kept in strict confidence and will not be passed on to any other source.  If any Vendor does require a cheque then a fee of £1.00 will be applied to the Vendor Account. All Vendor Statements will be available at the Hall for collection prior to payment.  If a Vendor does not attend the Auction on a regular basis then this will be sent out.

Selling Terms & conditions

Payment Table 2018

Auction Date

Payment Week

Friday 5th January

5th February –9th February 

Friday 2nd February
Saturday 3rd February

5th March – 9th March

Friday 2nd March
Saturday 3rd March

9th April – 13th April

Friday 6th April
Saturday 7th April

7th May – 11th May

Friday 4th May
Saturday 5th May

4th June – 8th June

Friday 1st June
Saturday 2nd June

9th July – 13th July

Friday 6th July
Saturday 7th July

6th August – 10th August

Friday 3rd August  
Saturday 4th August

3rd September – 7th September

Friday 31st August
Saturday 1st September

8th October – 12th October

Friday 5th October
Saturday 6th October

5th November – 9th November

Friday 2nd November
Saturday 3rd November

3rd December – 7th December

Friday 30th November  
Saturday 1st December

7th Jan 2019 – 11th Jan 2019