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Updated 5/6/2018

1. Prospective Purchasers are advised to read thoroughly and ensure they understand our Terms and Conditions.
2. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser, should any dispute arise between the bidders or any mistakes be made, the auctioneer may either declare the purchaser or put the lot up again.
3. The advance in the bidding shall be regulated by the auctioneer, but in any event the minimum bid accepted shall be £5.00 (Five Pound)
4. The auctioneer, who will be the sole arbiter in the matter of any dispute or mistake, reserves the right to refuse any bid, or bid on behalf of the vendor, in the case of any lot or lots (on which there is a reserve) or to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots with regard to he position of same in the catalogue.
5. Each and every lot shall upon the fall of the hammer, be at the sole risk of the purchaser and no lots may be removed until the sale slips have been checked.
6. DESCRIPTIONS: The lots are sold "as they lie" with all faults and errors in descriptions, quantity or measurement (if any). Lots may be new, used, refurbished or not, working or broken, soiled, damaged, incomplete etc boxed goods may not contain any relevant books, manuals, disks, leads, etc and/or might contain different colours/models/or even different products. We recommend that buyers do not bid unless they have examined lot their satisfaction prior to doing so - IF IN DOUBT DO NOT BID .
7. When describing lots, finishes are sometimes referred to in the description. These are for guidance only and may not be accurate e.g. an item may be described as light oak when in reality it is beech.
8. When mentioning wood finishes, apart from the possibility that the type of wood is incorrectly described, it may also be the case that the item is not solid wood but is veneered, or even that it is not wood at all. Bidders are recommended to examine all lots prior to the biding, to make their own assessments as to the construction and the nature of materials and to bid accordingly.
9. When selling lots involving quantities of a product it is possible that there is a variation in colour, style or model between the different items comprising the lot (which may or may not be pointed out in the catalogue) and buyers are urged to check prior to bidding.
10. Before bidding please bear in mind that all quantities, descriptions, sizes and other information approximate estimates only. Items lotted up for sale are not always checked/counted/measured by us and additionally typing errors sometimes may occur. Bidders are recommended to check lots for accuracy make their own assessments and adjust their bids accordingly. NO ALLOWANCES WILL BE MADE FOR SHORTAGES . Lots are sold AS SEEN what you see is what you buy.
11 . It is important that you check each item that you intend bidding on prior to the bidding. If you are in any doubt, please do not bid. What you buy is what has the white lotting number on it regardless of the description in the catalogue.

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